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Digital Marketing Trends and Resources in 2023 for Small Businesses, Startups and Entrepreneurs

Digital Marketing Trends and Resources for 2023

The digital marketing landscape has changed drastically in the nearly 7 years since we launched Symmetrical Media Marketing. We’ve seen major acquisitions in the industry such as Microsoft purchasing LinkedIn and most recently Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter. We’ve also seen some social networks disappear such as Google+ and Vine, while platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat and Pinterest have surged. We’ve also seen the rise of short-form video, podcasts, livestreams, live audio events, platform-facilitated interactive webinars, E-commerce, digital products and more.

“The rise of social media is an astonishing example of how rapidly and dramatically behavioral patterns can change: something that is now part of the daily lives of more than 50% of the world’s population was inconceivable less than a generation ago,” according to Daniel Ruby, Head of Marketing at Demand Sage.

In 2023 we predict further adoption of existing social networks as well as platform diversification to the point where each platform is offering very different things, even though they may view each other as competition. We are going to see growth in career opportunities such as social media customer service, recruiting, content creation, community management and analytics. We’ll also see platforms try to enhance user experience by offering more unique, customized and competitive features, particularly for content creators, influencers and brands.

Over the years we’ve published a variety of content on our social media marketing blog about topics such as social media marketing news, trends, research, management, search engine optimization, branding and content marketing. We’ve also written about workforce trends, remote & hybrid work, human resources management and entrepreneurship.

Here is a list of our most relevant digital marketing content that should help small business owners and entrepreneurs in their efforts to create effective digital marketing strategies:

Here are a variety of complimentary resources that we have used or are currently using:
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We are passionate about helping small businesses to create effective digital marketing strategies that are designed to build brand credibility, promote awareness, nurture professional relationships and generate leads for your small business. Please contact us if you are interested in creating a custom digital marketing strategy for your business.

Written by: Andrew C. Belton, MBA - Social Media Marketing Strategist, Writer & Owner of Symmetrical Media Marketing


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