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Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses: An Interview with Nathan Resnick

The following social media marketing industry interview is with Nathan Resnick, Co-Founder of Sourcify, Founder of Cork Supply Co, and Writer for Entrepreneur, Social Media Today, The Huffington Post and Business2Community.

Nathan Resnick Social Media Marketing

Andrew: Do you think that Social Media Marketing is useful for small businesses?

Nathan: Without a doubt, social media marketing is essential for small businesses looking for a easy way to connect with customers, add credibility, and develop a brand. Social media marketing is like your MOM. Mothers are always there to compliment their children and instill confidence. Social media is there to do the same for your customers.

Andrew: That is an excellent point regarding social media and its role regarding customer engagement. Have you noticed any noteworthy trends in social media marketing in recent years as it pertains to business and what are they?

Nathan: Social media should be engagement driven, not follower driven. If you have a big following but no engagement, you’re doing social media the wrong way.

Andrew: Do you think social media marketing is a useful tool for attracting leads and providing customer service?

Nathan: In regards to leads, social media marketing should be a tool utilized to drive traffic to your website and mailing list. The goal of a following should be to send them somewhere, not to keep them on that social media platform. For customer service, social media is definitely a effective way to streamline interactions. You can use everything from Facebook messenger to a Twitter help handle to easily answer customer questions.

Andrew: What is your favorite aspect of digital marketing?

Nathan: My favorite aspect of digital marketing right now has to be content marketing. These is a natural feeling to creating noise in a content driven approach.

Andrew: Do you have any advice on how small businesses can better leverage social media?

Nathan: My main thoughts of advice revolve around creating quality content. Yes, boosting posts on Facebook will increase views, but if you’re boosting a post that sucks in the first place, it’s not going to go anywhere. That is why businesses should first focus on quality content then expand into paid amplification.

Andrew: What role has social media played in your career?

Nathan: Social media has enabled me to connect with people around the world, given me opportunities to write, and exposed my businesses to new customers. Though I do think social media can be a distraction, the key lies in the way you develop your personal brand and company brand on these social platforms.

Special thanks to Nathan Resnick for the interview!

Written by: Andrew C. Belton

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