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Social Media Consultations 


We offer social media consultations in order to help you to leverage social media for your small business. Our consultations are structured in a manner in which you get to choose the topics that are discussed. The topics may include Social Media Strategy Development, Coaching, Branding, Optimization and Blog Strategy. Contact us for a free brief consultation.  

"They analyzed the needs of my consulting practice, created a custom social media marketing strategy and was able to answer all of my questions. I highly recommend their services to business owners who are interested in expanding the digital presence of their business." - Terrence Carrol, Founder of New Beginnings Moving and Hauling



Social Media Strategy Development


Developing a social media strategy is cruicial for any business as it provides guidelines, establishes goals and unifies your social media efforts with your overall goals as a business. We will help you to develop a social media strategy tailored to your business's goals and resources. View our social media strategy template here

Social Media Coaching


Learn how to strategically leverage of a number of social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for your small business. 

Social Media Branding


It is important to establish a consistent brand persona across each of your social media platforms. We will help you to determine how you can brand your personal and company accounts to benefit your small business. 

​Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Having a strong presence on social media will have a significant impact on your search engine results. We will teach you how to optimize each of your social media accounts to boost your search engine rankings by building backlinks, establishing local search results, creating unique content and social media pages.


And More...

We are also able to assist with business planning, copywriting, content creation and general branding.   

​Blog Strategy


Blog Content is extremely important for establishing brand credibilty, thought leadership, gaining social shares and can have a strong impact on your SEO rankings. We will help you to develop an efficeint blog strategy so that you can produce captivating blog content for your website and leverage it to gain more web traffic. 

​Social Media Audit 


We will conduct a comprehensive examination of each of your social media accounts and take note of your followers, engagement, post frequency, content and competitors. We will also draft some helpful tips based on what we have seen on your social media accounts and then we will arrange a consultation to discuss our findings and help you to refine your social media strategy.   

​LinkedIn Account Consultation


We offer LinkedIn Account Consultation services for job seekers interested in creating an effective and well optimized account. Consultations will include identifying job search objectives, a complete account review and account optimization strategy. Contact us to learn more!


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