The Science Behind Facebook Ads

Content marketing is a two-prong process; copywriting and marketing. When someone masters copywriting, that doesn’t necessarily make them a marketing expert, and vice versa. A marketer knows how to get potential customers to see and pay attention their product, to visit their website and eventually buy their product. Facebook advertising is a large part of any marketer’s Social media marketing plan, hence the reason why you see targeted advertisements on your newsfeed every now and again. Facebook’s advertising and business management system may be overwhelming if you’re new to it, so here are our tips for advertising on Facebook. Make an Offer First, when making an advert, make sure you hav

Twitter for Small Businesses

Most people today start their days looking through their newsfeed and end their days by reading one last article or participating in their favorite Facebook group or Twitter chat. With approximately 81% of the United States population using social media, it has continued to grow as a platform that businesses can use to connect with consumers and decision makers. So why not use social media to your business’s advantage to connect with its users? Twitter has become a massive platform, with over 328 million monthly active users, that can help your business to connect with users across the world in a unique manner like no other network before it; it has far surpassed what it’s creators ever thou

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