The Essential Social Media Marketing Dictionary

As a business owner or employee, navigating the jargon of the social media marketing world can leave one feeling out of touch and confused. Here is a helpful short list of all essential social media marketing terms and their definitions. A Analytics: The discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. For example, looking at the data for all visitors to your different social media outlets, analyzing the trends, then making an informed decision based on the data to adjust advertisements and grow your business. B B2B: Stands for Business-to-Business. Any business that markets to another business would fall into this category. An example would be a car manufacturer employing an acco

Is Corporate Transparency the Newest form of Advertising?

When people think of corporate deals they may imagine a low lit room where executives collude on shady agreements. They picture smoke filled bars where Enron lookalikes plan out the next great commercial scandal. We don’t envision hard working employees building a company from scratch. We can’t imagine a manager congratulating an employee on a great week of sales because we just don’t see it. The undertone people are feeling is general distrust of corporate companies. At the same time, people are pulling away from commercial advertisements. Today we have options like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and DVR that allow us completely cut out television advertisement. The status quo of the advertising indus

Use an "Ideal Customer Persona" to guide your social media marketing campaign

It is essential to understand your target market in every way possible to maximize the potential of your social media marketing campaign. In order to do this, create an ideal customer persona which will describe all aspects of your ideal customer with the most potential to buy your product or service; doing so will allow you to structure your social media marketing campaign, social media content, promotions, brand voice, and identity around what appeals to them. Accumulate internet search data that relates to your product or service alongside your company’s sales records and statistics, if they are detailed enough. Internet search data, sales records and statistics collected by your company

Preparing for the Next Great Social Media Experience

There’s no doubt we are living in exciting times. Due to Moore’s Law, the exponential increase in computer power is rocketing our generation into a technological future. The implications of this technology boom on the business world may seem uncertain. The emergence of artificial intelligence, online currency, and the huge shift to ecommerce will certainly revolutionize the consumer buying experience. However, the key to flourishing in a changing world is to embrace and adapt to the change. Over the last decade, it’s become clear that social media has emerged as a powerful tool for companies to connect with their consumers. But what if sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram ar

Why we recommend Buffer for Content Publishing

We believe Buffer to be the top tier content publishing platform in the industry. When it comes to scheduling updates across each of your social media platforms, Buffer provides a simple and clean interface for post scheduling. Buffer currently supports updates on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. It allows you to set specific post times and frequencies for each platform which makes Buffer the favored tool for many professionals and beginners in the industry. We will write an article about Buffer vs. Hootsuite at another time but it is important to know that they do different things very well and that Buffer is the best at content publishing. Buffer offers a Free Package th

How Social Media can impact your SEO rankings

Social Media has a significant impact on search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization has generated a lot of buzz throughout the years, especially in the digital marketing industry. We feel that many web users don't really understand what search engine optimization is and how social media marketing impacts it. In this brief article we will consider how SEO is impacted by SMM. The relationship between the two primarily has to do with establishing social media profiles, gaining social shares and leveraging high-authority social networks to establish quality backlinks. Search engine optimization is defined as the process of affecting the visibility of a website or webpage in a s

Symmetrical Media Marketing Launches!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Symmetrical Media Marketing! We are a social media marketing consulting company that helps small businesses to develop efficient social media marketing solutions. Our mission as a company is to provide simple and effective methods to maximize the impact of B2B Marketing while leveraging social media that will help small businesses and start-ups to build brand credibility, increase awareness, nurture client relationships, promote consistency and provide value. In regards to our background, SMM was founded by Andrew C. Belton in the beginning of 2016. He developed the Symmetrical B2B Strategy in late 2015, began to help clients with social media market

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