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Twitter for Small Businesses

Twitter for Small Businesses Symmetrical Media Marketing

Most people today start their days looking through their newsfeed and end their days by reading one last article or participating in their favorite Facebook group or Twitter chat. With approximately 81% of the United States population using social media, it has continued to grow as a platform that businesses can use to connect with consumers and decision makers. So why not use social media to your business’s advantage to connect with its users?

Twitter has become a massive platform, with over 328 million monthly active users, that can help your business to connect with users across the world in a unique manner like no other network before it; it has far surpassed what it’s creators ever thought it could be when it first launched and now you and your business can leverage it to connect with your target market.

Twitter Content Publishing Tips

Posting on a regular basis can be difficult to maintain over time, which can hinder your business from creating a large following. As your postings become consistent, your followers will begin to anticipate posts from you at a certain time. The following are some social media tools to help simplify your social media activity.

Twitter is a highly time sensitive platform, which means that certain times of the day are more effective to post than others. It primarily depends on the target market that your business is trying to attract. In general, for Business-to-Business marketing, business hours are the most effective times to post on all social media platforms. Whether it be around the morning commute time 8am-9am, lunch time around noon or toward the end of the work day 4pm-5pm. Since you and your team may be occupied at these times, using a content scheduling tool will help the social media accounts for your business active at the right time. The top 2 tools that we recommend for social media content publishing are Hootsuite and Buffer. These are two of the reliable industry-leading tools that simplify the content publishing process. By using these tools, you can schedule your content in advance and handle other important areas of your business.

Analytics: Finding What Works

Searching Twitter manually can be a time consuming process. Fortunately, technology exists that will allow you to simplify the process. With Twitonomy you can search for people and tweets and see how they rank overall. Searching your own account can be useful to see what content gets the most attention so that you can schedule more of the content that people are generally more likely to interact with. It can also help you to identify Twitter chats.

Klear is a great platform if you are looking to build the brand of your business to a large group of people by knowing who your business is reaching, including what demographics your brand messaging appeals to the most, and who is in your business network. By crafting your content to cater to your target demographic, you will be able to attain more followers and interaction as well as conversions in an efficient manner.

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