Recruiting and Retaining Millennials

By the year 2025, approximately 75% of the global workforce will be comprised of millennials, according to a study conducted by Deloitte. This is a very significant measurement because it identifies who human resource managers will need to recruit and retain now and into the future. To gain a better understanding of millennials and their significance in the workforce, it is essential to review general characteristics that represent most millennials. Millennial Characteristics Millennials were born between the early 1980’s to the late 1990’s and currently represent about 38% of the global workforce and will soon represent a far larger amount. Millennials are technologically driven as they gre

Social Media Marketing in 2017

A notable social media trend in 2016 was the rise of video marketing and it is projected to increase significantly in 2017. In fact, 70% of marketers plan to use social video advertising in 2017 and 65% of marketers will focus on Facebook video advertising in 2017 followed by YouTube at 39% and Instagram at 21.7% according to Animoto. Brands are encouraged to keep videos short (up to 30 seconds), focus on simple messages and realize that videos will often automatically play with the volume off so adapt the video messaging so that it can be effective without volume. Social networks are also beginning to serve as specialized search engines and are often preferred over general search engines li

Paid Advertising on Social Media

The Symmetrical B2B Social Media Strategy is built in a way that does not require the social media manager to run any paid advertisements. However, the results of the strategy can be enhanced significantly by running effective targeted paid ads. The only platforms that we will recommend running ads on are Facebook/Instagram (they are integrated), LinkedIn and in certain cases Pinterest. We have run Facebook and LinkedIn ads. Facebook/Instagram has extraordinary user demographic information and volume which has contributed to them being the best platform to advertise with online. The average active user checks Facebook up to 14 times per day and with over 2 billion users worldwide, it certain

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