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Symmetrical B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy

Many small businesses are struggling to effectively leverage social media to communicate with their target market and current customers. With the sharp increase in the use of social media over the course of the past few years, small businesses cannot afford to be left behind. Our mission is to develop simple and efficient social media marketing solutions for every small business that we can. This mission originated with the creation of the Symmetrical B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy by Andrew C. Belton in late 2015. The Symmetrical B2B Strategy is based on the principles of consistency and balance. It is intended to help small businesses to build brand credibility, and awareness, nurture professional relationships, provide value and promote consistency. After sharing and implementing the strategy with a number of business owners and receiving favorable feedback, the strategy was launched publicly on Slideshare and Symmetrical Media Marketing was born. Click here to view the slideshare, visit our social media resources page and contact us for more information.

Symmetrical B2B Social Media Strategy

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