How Small Businesses can Simplify Social Media Marketing: A Symmetrical Aspect

To many small business owners, social media marketing is a daunting and seemingly time-consuming form of digital marketing. Even though small business owners may hear about how they absolutely must have their business active on social media, there is still a fair amount of skepticality of its impactfulness especially in the business-to-business industry. Social media marketing has become one of the most influential and cost-effective methods of marketing in recent years and it is projected to continue to grow exponentially. I’ve created a social media marketing strategy that will help small businesses to leverage social media in an effective manner and it is based on a symmetrical strategy.

Are you balancing the Digital Marketing tasks of your business?

As a busy business owner or marketing manager, how are you able to balance the digital marketing tasks of your small business? Whether it be your social media marketing strategy, coaching, branding, account optimization, blog strategy, full-service social media management, business planning, copy writing or content creation, Symmetrical Media Marketing is here to help! We are built with the small business owner in mind. We have created an efficient social media marketing strategy that has been proven to build brand credibility, promote awareness, provide value, practice consistency, establish and nurture professional relationships. To learn more about our strategy, click here and contact us

Social Media Marketing Industry Interview with Douglas Geller

The following social media marketing industry interview by Andrew C. Belton is with Douglas Geller, a writer and experienced PR professional who is currently serving as a Social Media Coordinator for The University of Mixed Martial Arts. Andrew: Do you think that Social Media Marketing is useful for small businesses? Why or why not? Douglas: I think social media marketing is extremely useful for small businesses. It allows businesses to not only target a specific audience but engage with the audience as well. It also allows for a connection that can’t be bought through a TV or magazine advertisement. People can make an emotional connection and will remember when the brand reaches out or r

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