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Symmetrical Media Marketing Launches!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Symmetrical Media Marketing!

We are a social media marketing consulting company that helps small businesses to develop efficient social media marketing solutions. Our mission as a company is to provide simple and effective methods to maximize the impact of B2B Marketing while leveraging social media that will help small businesses and start-ups to build brand credibility, increase awareness, nurture client relationships, promote consistency and provide value. In regards to our background, SMM was founded by Andrew C. Belton in the beginning of 2016. He developed the Symmetrical B2B Strategy in late 2015, began to help clients with social media marketing and decided to launch the company to help more small business owners with the task. Our team grew as we hired Anthony N. Lento as a Digital Marketing Consultant and Jonathan Dacosta as our Lead Writer and Editor. We have also recently added a few content writers to our team. Symmetrical Media Marketing will officially launch on March 22, 2016. We chose the date so that we would be ready for the largest B2B tradeshow in our area, the Philadelphia 2016 Small Business Expo on March 24, 2016. We are a completely location-independent company that is able to service any client regardless of their location. We pride ourselves in our ability to accomodate the needs of our clients through virtual means as we willing to provide support to them beyond typical business hours.

Our current service offerings include Social Media Consultations,Social Media Audits and Social Media Management. Our Social Media Consultations include social media strategy development, coaching, branding, search engine optimization and blog strategy. The Social Media Audit will examine your current social media efforts and identify where adjustments can be made. Social Media Management will involve full-service community management, moderation, measurement, advertising, content creation and publishing which will alleviate your need to handle these tasks entirely. We are in the process of writing a book that will provide insights into the world of social media marketing for small businesses which will include our Symmetrical B2B strategy and industry best practices. The book will tentatively release later this year and an online course is also in development. We are excited to be able to support small businesses and we hope to be able to simplify the task and amplify the impact of social media marketing for every small business that we can. Contact us today for further information and visit our social media resources page.

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Written by Andrew C. Belton

Edited by Jonathan Dacosta

Bring balance to your social media strategy

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