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Why we recommend Buffer for Content Publishing

We believe Buffer to be the top tier content publishing platform in the industry. When it comes to scheduling updates across each of your social media platforms, Buffer provides a simple and clean interface for post scheduling. Buffer currently supports updates on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. It allows you to set specific post times and frequencies for each platform which makes Buffer the favored tool for many professionals and beginners in the industry. We will write an article about Buffer vs. Hootsuite at another time but it is important to know that they do different things very well and that Buffer is the best at content publishing. Buffer offers a Free Package that allows the user to schedule up to 10 posts for 1 account on each of our 4 Symmetrical social media platforms which are Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. In addition, Buffer offers what is called the "Awesome Plan" which allows the user to schedule up to 100 scheduled posts on 10 social media accounts which includes the 4 Symmetrical social media platforms and Pinterest. Buffer also offers a few more robust packages for larger companies.

It is also worth noting that Buffer is a prime model for a location independent company. They had an office at one time but now they have become entirely location independent and have hired employees from across America and now other countries. They currently employ about 65 employees. Buffer has shown other companies what the future of superior location independent company culture will look like. As a company, we hope to implement a company culture similar to theirs.

Buffer is also a great company to model your social media and blogging strategy after. In regards to social media, Buffer has a robust presence on each social media platform as they share useful industry related information on a daily basis. They also leverage social media to interact with their users and answer questions or comments. When a Buffer employee Tweets at you, they generally will state their name at the end of the Tweet. This is exactly what Larry Dale Cummings, Chief Connector at HR Tech Advisor, would call "mass personalization".

The Buffer blogs (Social, Open, Overflow, Happiness) consistently posts helpful articles on the industry, news and company updates. The company is committed to operating as a "happy, transparent and fun startup" and it has definitely been effective. They like to share their journey openly on their blogs by sharing numbers, experiments and transparency. The company also shares owner and employee salaries in addition to the formula that they use to determine salaries and once people saw it, Buffer received a sharp increase in employment applications. They've definitely adapted the interactive aspect of social media marketing and their followers love them for it. The stories they write are informative, provide valuable insights and produce very little to no promotional speech. Provide value first, earn the credibility and then make the sale. That's how we like to do business. Buffer currently has over 2 million active users, including Symmetrical Media Marketing. This is a great model for small businesses to emulate!

We simply can't say enough great things about Buffer! Here's a customer service experience that we had with them. Have a great day and bring balance to your social media strategy.

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Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with Buffer. We are satisfied customers and loyal fans of the company.

Edited by Jonathan Dacosta

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