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Preparing for the Next Great Social Media Experience

There’s no doubt we are living in exciting times. Due to Moore’s Law, the exponential increase in computer power is rocketing our generation into a technological future. The implications of this technology boom on the business world may seem uncertain. The emergence of artificial intelligence, online currency, and the huge shift to ecommerce will certainly revolutionize the consumer buying experience. However, the key to flourishing in a changing world is to embrace and adapt to the change. Over the last decade, it’s become clear that social media has emerged as a powerful tool for companies to connect with their consumers. But what if sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are only the beginning of the social media boom. The true social media experience coming in just a few short years will be virtual reality. I’m sure you’ve seen Oculus Rift masks making their way through tech shows and commercials. Those mask and similar developing products are paving the way fully immersive virtual reality. Just as IM led to Facebook messenger, products like Oculus will lead us to a completely immersive online social experience.


However, I’m not the first person to see the value in the emerging market of virtual reality. According to, Mark Zuckerburg, the creator and CEO of Facebook, has acquired Oculus VR for the impressive price of $2 billion. He believes that Oculus VR has the potential to become the most social experience ever created. Sony has recently developed its own form of virtual reality headset in order to compete with Oculus. Its clear tech companies are taking this new advancement seriously and want to gain a market edge while they can. The implications for VR in the business world may very well be game changing. Interviews, conference calls, and customer meetings could all takes place real time in a completely virtual world. Virtual reality marketing between businesses and consumers could cross almost all barriers. Imagine a completely virtual store where consumers and business could test your products without having to be on the same continent.

With l the potential of VR possibilities, the question remains how you can ensure your company remains current and prepared for the future of social media. Can your company benefit through platforms like VR for B2B communications? Will your competition beat you to it? That’s where companies like Symmetrical Media Marketing are here to help. New social media platforms are created every day and it’s our job to stay one step ahead of the competition. New apps like periscope are changing the way people can communicate with each other on a scale that was never before possible. Soon virtual reality will begin to become more widely used and accessible to everyday people. We will analyze and recommend new ways for your company to excelling using these new technologies. Marketing trends will begin to emerge and we will be the first to advise you of their benefit. The future of business, social media, and technology is moving forward and we want your company to do the same. Whether VR becomes the new sensation or other technology does the same, SMM will be ready for whatever comes next.

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Written by Christopher Baldasano

Technoloigy and Business

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