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You've got Mail! Why Email Marketing is so Important

Email Marketing Symmetrical Media Marketing

With different social media platforms and their corresponding digital marketing strategies, the question, 'is email marketing still important?' constantly comes up.

Short answer? Yes.

With over 4.1 billion users by the end of 2021, email marketing is still considered a fundamental approach to reaching your audience and customers on a highly personalized level. It provides a customized approach to promoting and selling your products and services, increasing your sales at an affordable cost.

What's more, email delivers the highest return on investment or ROI for marketers, with every $1 spent equal to $38 in ROI, and beats other social platforms by 40 times at customer acquisition. So you must not miss out on this opportunity if you're a marketer.

Below are reasons why email marketing is important and some tips on creating successful email marketing campaigns along the way.

Everyone uses email

With over 4.1 billion active users, half of the planet's population can access an email address. As marketers, you can reach them through it. The massive number of people makes it the perfect platform for your marketing.

In today's digital age, it's safe to say that everyone you come across, especially your target audience, uses email. It also shows the massive impact that a simple, personalized email can make, as it can effectively engage various audiences all over the world at the same time. Unlike other marketing channels, emails provide a direct line of two-way communication between you and your target audience.

Pro Tip: Creating compelling subject lines and captivating content helps users instantly notice your messages from their email pile.

Email is the most-used feature on smartphones

Current consumers are always on the go, meaning they mostly rely on their phones to get instant information conveniently.

Around 90% of users check and open their emails on their smartphones. Moreover, mobile phones allow more user responses because sending messages is quicker, easier, and more convenient. It is also 54% times faster than sending messages via a computer.

Such statistics show how email is a great way to inform and communicate with your customers. With your grown and juicy email list of people who voluntarily chose to receive messages, you can send messages at the click of a few buttons to an enthusiastic audience at lesser costs than other paid marketing ads.

Pro Tip: When creating email marketing campaigns, it is best to develop mobile-friendly ones. For example, use buttons instead of inline call-to-actions or CTAs for a better user experience.

Email marketing drives conversions

As marketers, it's understandable to be laser-focused on driving conversions. Regardless of your choice, like leads, sales, memberships, or a metric, the primary goal is to turn every potential customer into a paying customer.

What better and more powerful way for conversions? Email.

Compared to other social channels like Twitter, with an average click-through rate of around 0.5%, email campaign has about 3%. This means that you are six times more likely to get someone to click through your website through email than from Twitter.

According to Monetate's survey, 4.24% of email marketing visitors buy something compared to 2.49% of search engine visitors and 0.59% of social media visitors. While there are other ways where marketers like you can drive conversions, email marketing still trumps all other communication mediums for business.

Pro Tip: Email marketing tools allow you to create a smooth, interconnected, and undisrupted buyer's journey. Use them effectively to build relationships with your prospects and even previous customers. It is also your chance to speak directly to them at their most convenient time.

Email Marketing Symmetrical Media Marketing

Create personalized and custom experiences through email

A unique and customized experience for every potential customer may be one of every marketer's dreams. And email is perfect for doing so. While marketing is not there yet, email marketing provides a great way of coming close to this dream.

Personalizing your messages increases your return on investments and engages customers more meaningfully, allowing you to be more agile in your email marketing strategies. According to Dynamic Yield Research, "71% of consumers believe personalized experiences would influence their decision to interact with emails."

Market smarter, not harder, when you personalize and customize your email marketing campaigns for your target audience.

Pro Tip: Segment your contact list based on your customers' specific contact properties or actions. Through this, you can show how intentional you are with your marketing efforts and create a more meaningful customer experience that can drive more click-through rates and, later conversions.

Email marketing is here to stay

Emails have been around for generations and have a long history of stability, with Ray Tomlinson as the first person to ever send an email over 42 years ago. Since then, email has been consistently growing and has evolved into one of the most cost-effective ways of direct marketing. Email opened the doors where marketers can react and monitor their consumers' behavior in a way that was never possible. Building your email list is a more stable, long-term investment that will pay off in the long run than building a social media presence and following.

Pro Tip: Invest in having valuable insights into your email marketing efforts. Conduct A/B Testing—a marketing experiment where you split your audience to test which campaigns perform better— to control the power of customer data and know how your target audience will respond to your emails.

Unpacking the Importance of Email Marketing

In today's modern and digital age, many new marketing tactics and strategies are constantly being created to meet the continually changing needs of today's consumers. Among the various channels currently available, and for the many reasons listed above, email marketing remains one of the best channels for marketers to promote their businesses and services.

The importance of email marketing lies in its cost-effectiveness. It promotes your products, allowing you to scale and increase your business while building genuine connections with your consumers. So be consistent, create compelling content, experiment to know what works, and essentially, aim to convert every lead to potential customers through email marketing.

We've created a list of digital marketing resources that include email marketing insights and tools here: Digital Marketing Trends and Resources in 2023 for Small Businesses, Startups and Entrepreneurs

Written by: Pamela Dionisio

Edited by: Andrew C. Belton, MBA, Social Media Marketing Strategist, Writer & Owner of Symmetrical Media Marketing

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