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Twitter creates new rule banning links to other Social Networks

According to a recent Social Media Today article, Twitter will no longer allow users to link to accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social and more, in addition to some 3rd party social media link services. This will impact millions of users as their accounts may currently be out of compliance with the policy. Even though it is understandable that Twitter does not want to promote social networks that they view as direct competition, this new policy is going against their claim of promoting free speech and I think that it is going to make the platform more difficult to use than it already is or be integrated into a digital marketing strategy.

Musk's acquisition of the company has brought about sweeping changes to Twitter that've constantly been in the headlines and has created significant controversy. With a looming leadership change, what impact will these changes have on the platform?

For details on the new rule banning links to other social networks, please see the full article on Social Media Today.

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