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Email Marketing by MailChimp - List building made Simple

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When people usually think of emails, they think of Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, but when managing a business, using these consumer oriented emails can and will become tedious and confusing.

For needs like this, is key to survival for small businesses in the business world according to The only thing that has changed since the mentioned article was published is that Mailchimp is now free for up to 2000 subscribers, as well as an abundance of new integrations and automations.

When a business decides to use Mailchimp for email list management, they are stepping into a world of new information and automation, so let's examine what you can expect from using Mailchimp.

Signup Forms

Mailchimp does most of the work during the process of gaining subscribers to mailing lists, but first, the business has to take the necessary steps to let Mailchimp do its work. The first step to creating a signup form is to first create a list. By clicking the word:List” on the navigation bar, and then clicking “create new list”, and naming and saving that list, then you’re ready to create a signup form.

First, when looking at the overview of the list, click the dropdown menu of the list to the right and click “signup forms” and choose the type of signup form you’d like to make. From here, all that is needed is sense of what needs to go on the form and how it should look.

For more detailed instructions, visit, this page.

Sending Emails

Mailchimp also sends specially designed emails for businesses. For a business, just having a mailing list isn’t enough, you have to interact with your subscribers as well. To create your first email, the first step is going to the “Campaigns” tab on the navigation bar. From here, click “Create new campaign” and add details about the campaign to choose which list the email should go out, your subject line, and preview text for the email.

When building the email, choose a template, or build from scratch, but either way, Mailchimp has a convenient list of elements to add to any page, which can be then formatted and filled according to the businesses needs. For detailed instructions on creating a great email with Mailchimp, visit this page. Thank you for reading and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions through email at:

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