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Paid Advertising on Social Media

Social Media Paid Ads

The Symmetrical B2B Social Media Strategy is built in a way that does not require the social media manager to run any paid advertisements. However, the results of the strategy can be enhanced significantly by running effective targeted paid ads. The only platforms that we will recommend running ads on are Facebook/Instagram (they are integrated), LinkedIn and in certain cases Pinterest.

We have run Facebook and LinkedIn ads. Facebook/Instagram has extraordinary user demographic information and volume which has contributed to them being the best platform to advertise with online. The average active user checks Facebook up to 14 times per day and with over 2 billion users worldwide, it certainly makes spending time on Facebook worthwhile. At the moment, Facebook ads are very affordable and flexible for marketers. Whether you are a person, local business or organization, Facebook allows you to sponsor posts, promote events, direct users to a call to action and allow you to build your page audience. LinkedIn has similar capabilities however it is more costly than Facebook. Facebook has built their platform to be small-business-marketing-budget-friendly with ads beginning at a marginal cost per day and has been proven to be cost-effective. If you are trying to promote a specific item that is photo-friendly, investigate Pinterest's promoted pins. Contact us with any further questions.

For further information on advertising for each platform:

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