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Instagram Tools for Business - A First Look

Many small businesses have been struggling with the use of Instagram since its inception in 2010. The Facebook-Owned photo and video centric platform has over 400 million users and is growing at a rapid rate. For brands with visual content, Instagram is an essential site to be active on but many brands that do not fit into that category or are not marketing to the young consumer audience on Instagram are left to question the usefulness of their presence of the rising platform for their brand.

So this has left companies to ask:

Should my business be using Instagram?

Will it help to drive web traffic or sales?

How will we convert our followers to clients?

How can we determine what our reach on Instagram is?

To the chagrin of many Marketers and Business Owners, Instagram has recently announced their upcoming tools for businesses. The news highlights include the addition of business pages (with enhanced contact capabilities), insights and advertisements. We look forward to the release of these tools later this year!

View further information on this topic at the Buffer Blog:

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Written by: Andrew C. Belton

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