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5 Reasons Why Networking is important for you and your business

Networking can be described as a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups that have a common interest. In the past couple of months, our team has had the opportunity to be able to attend a variety of networking events such as the Philadelphia Small Business Expo and the Philadelphia Startup Leaders Entrepreneur Expo among a few other local events. Attending these events have helped us to established brand awareness, generate leads, create partnerships, attain clients, establish professional relationships and learn about other local businesses. In an age of digitized communication, attending networking events is still a very effective way of promoting your brand and business. Let’s consider a few reasons why we feel that networking events are worthwhile.

Networking is Cost-effective – Meaning you can gain more from it than what you put in. By spending time with business professionals at networking events, you can establish connections with other businesses and acquire more customers.

Build stronger partnerships – Networking events give you the opportunity to engage in conversation with business professionals who are also looking to expand their business. This may result in collaboration or the formation of partnerships.

Receive help and advice – Increase your knowledge by learning from industry leading business owners, professionals, and speakers.

Establishing Brand Credibility – face to face engagement with people creates a more lasting impression than online engagement, this in turn establishes more brand credibility.

In a time of economic uncertainty, communities prevail – Developing relationships and contacts with other businesses will always help you both short term and long term.

Attending networking events is still a beneficial way of helping your business grow and gain leads. These events are mutually beneficial to all attendees and offer great returns on the time invested. Our team will be attending the 2016 Montgomery County Premier Business Exhibition on June 2nd for our next networking event with the intent of building brand credibility, promoting awareness, nurturing professional relationships and generating leads for businesses. Contact us for a social media strategy development consultation to learn how to manage your social media accounts for your business or to outsource your social media marketing efforts.

Written by: Jonathan Dacosta

Edited by: Andrew C. Belton

A photo of the 2016 Philadelphia Startup Leaders Entrepreneur Expo

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